safety first concept.

More than 30 years of expert knowledge have created a concept that makes real estate investments safe for you.


Safety is our Top Priority.

That is why you will only find projects from personally checked property developers with us. These show a flawless performance record over more than 20 years and score with first-class creditworthiness. A fixed price guarantee is therefore a matter of course.


The Projects’ Macro and Micro Locations

We examine all project locations according to economic factors such as per capita income, unemployment rate and residential attractiveness. The proximity to kindergartens, schools, medical care and shopping opportunities are just as relevant here.


Financing the

Not only the best interest rates are relevant for an intelligent financial strategy. State funding programs for energy measures and special tax effects increase the return considerably. As a certified real estate agent, we check all claims and assist you with the implementation, including cost transparency from A to Z.


Transparency is Key.

Notarial purchase agreement, declaration of division, administration and service contracts with a variety of technical jargon. We “translate” the word for word, page by page, so that in the end you say: Everything is understood!


Construction work supervised by experts.

From the first groundbreaking on a new building or the core renovation of a monument, the entire construction process through to completion is monitored by external, publicly sworn building experts, such as the TÜV.


The Renting Process.

The tenant selection is carried out by professionally trained rental teams. Comprehensive credit checks and previous landlord certificates are, in addition to several personal conversations, the basis for protection against nomads. In addition, the optional rental pool protects you against loss of income, even if it is vacant and / or if you change tenants.


Property Management Experts.

Our partners in administration have control over rental income, ancillary costs and maintenance of the building. As the tenants’ first point of contact, they ensure your investment is carefree. The caretaker teams create order in and around the house in order to ensure value stability and value increases.


For emergencies – your Rent Loss Insurance

In the event of rental fraud (e.g. rent nomads), our partner’s rent loss insurance protects you against rent losses (including additional costs), even in the event of willful damage and neglect of your property and optionally bears any additional costs that may arise, such as cleaning or pest control.

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Sustainability, security for your investment paired with a good feeling.

Since our foundation, we have focused on energy consumption and CO2 emissions in all new building and monument projects. The use of regenerative energy generation such as heat pump technology and solar thermal energy ensure low CO2 emissions. Our reforestation program, which we started at the beginning of 2021, now also ensures the long-term CO2 compensation of the construction measures.