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safety first.

Why take a risk?


our principles.


We check the developers for financial strength and track record as well as the projects and their macro and micro location for sustainable letting success. Maximum security standards are a promise, also in the drafting of contracts.


We monitor the entire construction process and the payment flows for a flawless handover. The construction quality is monitored and confirmed by external sworn experts.


We take care of the initial and subsequent letting, the exact billing of all rental and ancillary costs as well as the care and maintenance of your investment. All of this happens with the help of specialist companies without any further expense for you.

A complete package

You will not be left alone at any step of the decision-making process on your way to your investment – we are by your side from start to finish.

Almost 4 decades of experience

You benefit from over 35 years of expert knowledge in finance including 14 years of market knowledge in the field of real estate investments.

Professional partners

From construction to leasing teams – all our partners have been handpicked by us and have been in the industry for decades.

No previous knowledge required

Are you interested in an investment property, but don’t have the experience or time to take care of everything? No problem – we take care of all kinds of communication for you: starting with talks with the bank through to finding your perfect tenant.

Safety First – Not just a phrase

We rely on our established standards, which provide transparency and are based on a trusting and long-term cooperation.

Sustainability – Protecting the environment

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. That is why we trust in climate-friendly methods with our construction partners and ensure the reforestation of German forests to offset CO2 emissions.


years of industry experience


years of experience in the field
of listed building property


years of safety first real estate


what our customers say.


your questions, answered.

  • What happens if the developer goes bankrupt?

    Due to the notarially agreed handling of the payment flows according to MaBV (Makler- und Bauträger-Verordnung), the developer only receives the money in instalments for which services have already been rendered. This is monitored by external experts. So if, despite all precautions, this should happen, only what has been done is paid for and someone else is able to complete the project with the financing’s remaining money. Safety First, why take a risk?

  • What if there is no tenant or who will take care of the rental?

    First of all, it should be said that there is always a tenant for a modern high quality flat built according to the latest energy standards in the right macro and micro location. The only question is on what terms and how to find the right one. Our partners in the rental sector are highly qualified rental professionals who have been active in the market for decades. Our specially developed 7-point tenant selection program helps you find the right and solvent tenant for your investment. And in case of an emergency, we recommend a loss of rent insurance that will cover you if the rent is not paid. Safety First, why take a risk?

  • Who takes care of all this and what does it cost?

    Our investors have only one contact, which is US. We coordinate all the companies and individuals involved. Be it the talks with the banks for the financing arrangement, during the construction period the developer and the tradesmen, after completion the leasing and management team or even the caretaker and maintenance teams, we know everyone and coordinate them to your satisfaction. And that costs no more than a normal property management company would. And if you need help with the taxation of your investment, we can also help you with our contacts as well. Safety First, why should you take a risk?


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